About us

Stelit 90 ltd is a family owned company, founded in 1990.
Our primary activities are design, production and mounting of processing equipment and installments, industrial dust supression installments, and equipment for recycling and environmental protection.

Our company represents a dynamic team of mechanical engineers and production workers, unique combination of youth and experience, who are capable to solve sophisticated technical problems.

Today, when we are celebrating twenty years of succesfull bussines, we are proud on many installments in countries of former Yugoslavia, Switzerland, France, Finland, Russia, in cosmetical, chemical and food processing plants, abattoirs, many industrial dust suppression installments, installments for waste water treatment and drinking water preparation.

Thanks to the longterm experience and high competence engineering personel, today, Stelit 90 is a modern company, and one of the leading producers of processing equipment in Serbia.  

STELIT 90 d.o.o.

Stelit 90 ltd design and production of stainless steel equipment

Veliko Polje br. 40, 11507 Stubline, Obrenovac, Serbia
Tel: + 381 11 77 29 391, + 381 11 77 29 392; Fax: + 381 11 77 29 390